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16 April 2024


We chose the large Seepsula quarry as a test field for our Electric Hammer. The quarry is located close to the Helsinki- Vantaa Airport. Seepsula is a company known as a leading aggregate supplier in Southern Finland. Their expertise is appreciated. The company offers aggregates for different applications from their own quarry. Seepsula has their own aggregate products factory in the area.

The Lekatech Electric Hammer is powered by new and patented linear electric motor technology. Lekatech’s Electric Hammer revolutionizes the impact hammer market, Its efficiency and power to weight ratio are superior compared to traditional products. It is coming to the market at the same time as electric excavators which is a natural development when entering to non-emission environments.

Feedback from the Experts

The chosen operators have been working for a long time in hammering business. Tatu Lehmuskoski works with

Laitilan Linnee company as an operator, and he is also the company´s CEO. Jasper Kultanen works with the Suomen Räjäytyslouhinta company which specializes in blasting and secondary breaking. During the test, operators broke on average 1 meter diameter granite boulders for further crushing.

Tatu Lehmuskoski comments: ”In the beginning I was really surprised because the operator comfort was really better than I expected.”

“There was a lot of power, even though it was a rather small hammer. I’m used to bigger hammers. All in all, the testing was a very positive experience,” and Tatu continues, “the noise and vibration levels were lower than with traditional hammers.”

Jasper Kultanen´s experiences: ”The hammer starts quicker and there is full power immediately, unlike with traditional hammers.” One thing surprised Jasper:

“The hammer controllability is really good. You can operate the excavator engine with low idling. The power of the hammer is not dependent on the engine revolutions. This is very good for non-experienced operators.”

“The hammer is not kicking back to the excavator; I think the idle blow preventing system helps.”

“The starting of the electric hammer is like starting an electric car, no delays with starting and full power available immediately.”

“Low noise and vibration levels were positive surprises when trying out the hammer. The power seemed to be quite good considering the size of the hammer.”

Feedback from professional operators indicates that the hammer is purpose-built and designed with the operator’s comfort in mind.

Lekatech introduced its Electric Hammer at Vei og Anlegg exhibition

For the 18th time, the Nordic region’s largest construction equipment exhibition, Vei og Anlegg (Road & Construction), was hold during last week in Lillestrøm, Norway. Some of world’s leading manufacturers gathered to exhibit their latest developments. At the show, Lekatech introduced its revolutionary Electric Hammer technology which is transforming breaking world-wide.

Key features of the Lekatech Electric Hammer:

  • 70% more energy efficient than hydraulic hammers
  • Twice the blow impact energy compared to traditional hydraulic hammers
  • 98% reduction in oil consumption compared to hydraulic hammers

For more information, please contact: www.lekatech.fi


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