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Punjab government to initiate major bridge reconstruction project
The initiative is part of the “Restoring the Struggle and Prosperous Punjab” programme
5 of the world’s biggest hydroelectric dam projects under construction
International Construction examines five of the world’s biggest hydropower projects under construction.
Pakistan says damage from floods has caused US$10 billion of damage
Early estimates put the damage from Pakistan’s recent deadly floods at more than US$10 billion
Pakistan construction sector to “expand by 92%”
PCRA reports that the construction sector contributes significantly to global GDP
Modular bridge for major route in Pakistan
New 100m permanent bridge in Pakistan is located on a major route
Renewed focus for Belt and Road in Pakistan
Pakistan to revive a number of China’s Belt and Road projects
Pakistan begins work on major housing project
Pakistan’s PM lays foundation of mega project set to develop millions of new homes in Islamabad
Pakistan approves infrastructure projects
Numerous construction projects approved by Pakistan government
Russia to build pipeline
Gazprom will help construct a 1,200km pipeline between Iran and India
Pakistan approves US$3 billion in projects
Country’s National Economic Council signs off on nine major development proposals