Moldova unveils ambitious infrastructure plans

The Moldovan government has unveiled an infrastructure reconstruction plan that includes the construction of a new terminal at Chisinau International Airport, the development of a vital highway, and the reconstruction of the Giurgiulesti state port.

The Moldovan capital, Chisinau, at one end of the proposed new highway The Moldovan capital, Chisinau, at one end of the proposed new highway. Photo: Adobe Stock

The most significant element of the plan is the proposed terminal at Chisinau International Airport.

Moldova’s minister of infrastructure and regional development, Andrei Spînu, said urgent expansion of the airport is required as forecasts predict an increase in air traffic of up to five million passengers in the coming years.

“The construction of a new terminal, built to European standards, needs to commence as soon as possible,” he said, revealing an estimated investment requirement of at least €200 million for the project.

Strategic Connection

Another major undertaking in the infrastructure plan is the construction of the Ungheni - Chisinau - Odessa highway.

This proposed road project would progress in two sections: Ungheni - Chisinau, covering a distance of 110km, and Chisinau - Odessa, spanning 190km, with 145km of the work being undertaken within Moldovan territory.

The highway project aims to improve transportation links, boost trade, and facilitate greater connectivity between Moldova and neighboring countries, including Ukraine and the European Union.

Spînu said, “It is a strategic project that will develop our country and…will integrate us into the European Union.”

Port reconstruction

In addition to the airport and highway projects, the Moldovan authorities have proposed the reconstruction of the Giurgiulesti state port.

Spînu highlighted the importance of initiating and completing these projects, from both an economic and geopolitical perspective, irrespective of their timeline.


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