Autonomy summit – speaker topics released

Presentation themes emerge ahead of May 11’s Construction Technology Summit

Speakers at the upcoming Construction Technology Summit have issued brief summarises of their presentations.

Contractors, OEMs and tech leaders will describe the hardware and software currently on the market, and the developing tech that promises greater autonomy in the future.

Here’s what to expect at the virtual event on May 11…

James Arnold

James Arnold, Goodfellow Bros

Advanced technology manager for Goodfellow Bros

James joins the panel to share his expertise and real-world examples of a large heavy civil contractor using machine control and various other technology solutions to better need the needs of its customers.

With headquarters in both Hawaii and Washington, Goodfellow Bros is a fourth-generation, family-owned civil contractor that relies on Trimble hardware, software and services to complete jobs more efficiently and with greater accuracy.

James will share insights about Goodfellow Bros’ technology-forward culture, how the company uses machine control and other connected construction technology solutions to provide value to project owners on both large and small jobs, and the benefits Goodfellow Bros sees from its investment in technology.

James will also share examples of projects where machine control technology was particularly beneficial.


Fred Rio

Fred Rio, Caterpillar

Worldwide product manager for the Construction Digital & Technology at Caterpillar

In his presentation, Fred will describe Caterpillar’s vision for the fully autonomous construction jobsite.

With new applications for automation, equipment tracking capability, data analytics, and other emerging technology, the next step is industry-wide adoption – but it won’t happen overnight.

The Cat Command solution is structured as a series of building blocks leading to semi-autonomous operation.

It is scalable and incremental, allowing customers to enter at whatever level of technology and infrastructure they choose.

Fred will explore the critical success factors required to prepare for the jobsite of the future.


Johan Holmén

Johan Holmén, Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Deputy chief technology officer and manager, Vehicle Development for Volvo Autonomous Solutions

Johan will discuss Volvo Autonomous Solutions’ TARA whole site autonomous solution in detail.

He will describe how it’s much more than just the vehicle itself, but includes infrastructure and even a whole new business model.

Johan will discuss the benefits of autonomous solutions, including customer productivity, safety and reduced carbon footprint.

He will also highlight how autonomous systems are perfect for applications that are repetitive in production operations - and not a threat to human operators.


Travis Schneider

Travis Schneider, RE2 Robotics

Business development manager at RE2 Robotics

This presentation will focus on a case study of RE2’s current work on a renewable energy project.

The US Department of Energy selected RE2 to develop a robotic system for the autonomous manipulation of photovoltaic panels, as part of the construction of a solar park.

Travis will focus on the outcomes the technology will provide for the customer as well as describing the key technologies used.

He will also describe the potential impact AI (artificial intelligence) technology could soon have on the wider construction industry.


Registration is now open for the Construction Technology Summit, to be held on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Global timings for the event are as follows:

9am US (CST); 3pm UK (BST); 4pm EU (CET)

Registration and further details about the event can be found here.


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