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3 highlights from Lennar’s second quarter results
A look at the highlights of Lennar’s second-quarter results
Production starts on 3D-printed ‘printfrastructure’ components for water industry
Production of 3D-printed components for use in construction in the water industry has started after three years of development
US college and 3D-printing firm offer online course
A college and 3D-printing company are teaming up to teach the trade
Holcim, Peri claim 3D-printing ‘first’ in Switzerland
Holcim leads build of Switzerland’s ‘first’ on-site 3D-printed build
Icon’s 3D-printed village in Texas, US, nearing completion
3D concrete-printing company more than 90% finished with project
Züblin constructs ‘world first’ load-bearing concrete walls with 3D printer
Company says it has printed concrete structure with load-bearing walls
‘Largest homebuilder’ in US invests in 3D printing robotics company
‘America’s largest homebuilder’ is investing in this 3D-printing firm
North America’s first three-storey 3D-printed house completed
Canadian-based construction company nidus3D has completed what it claims is North America’s first three-storey 3D-printed house.
Peri completes ‘Europe’s largest’ 3D printed building
Peri highlighted that conventional construction methods could not have been used to achieve this design
Connect with industry leaders at Construction Technology Summit 2024
Technology summit to provide delegates with networking opportunities
How rapid 3D metal printing breakthrough could prove useful in construction
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have declared a breakthrough in additive manufacturing that allows them to 3D print liquid much more rapidly.
Speakers reveal topics for Texas technology summit
Speakers reveal topics on global infrastructure projects and machine automation developments
L&T Construction completes 3D-printed building in India
The building is said to be the first of its kind in the country, and in the world
3D technology and industrial robots used to manufacture construction products
Saeki works with the architectural design, engineering design and construction services industry to save concrete and CO2
Construction begins on Europe’s largest 3D-printed building
The two companies are partnering to design and oversee the creation of a server hotel for Heidelberg iT
What does the future look like for 3D construction printing?
Is 3D printing in construction finally coming of age, and what does the future hold?
“World’s largest” 3D printed building
What is reported to be the world’s largest 3D printed building has been completed in the US 
What are the most effective technology purchases in construction?
Project management software has proven to be the most effective technology purchase in construction.
3D printing technology helps to rebuild Ukrainian school
An initiative to rebuild key infrastructure in Ukraine has used 3D printing technology to reconstruct a school in the country.
Images | Europe’s largest 3D-printed building under construction
German construction company Kraus Gruppe is using a 3D printer to construct Europe’s largest 3D-printed building in the city of Heidelberg.
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