Lezama fells 200-metre chimney in simultaneous blasting

Lezama Demoliciones has carried out two blastings at the Litoral Thermal Power Plant – the largest power plant owned by energy giant Endesa in southern Spain.

The 200-metre chimney at Litoral Thermal Power Plant prior to blasting The 200-metre chimney at Litoral Thermal Power Plant prior to blasting. (PHOTO: Lezama)

The site, which became operational in 1985 and - thanks to the addition of a second power generation unit in 1997 – had a maximum energy production capacity of 1,159 MW, is undergoing decommissioning works that will transform it into a renewable energy complex.

As part of the works, Lezama recently took down the plant’s chimney, which measured 200 metres high and 19 m in diameter at its base.

The company employed a double mining technique to carry out the demolition, placing explosives at ground level and at a height of 96 m.

According to the Lezama, the split of explosives ensured that the chimney bent over itself as it fell, creating a shorter falling area.

“It is the first time this methodology has been used in Spain,” said Lezama. “As seen in the videos, everything went perfectly.”

Simultaneously to the felling of the chimney, the contractor also carried out a second explosive on Litoral Thermal’s 40-metre-high desulphurization unit.

The metal structure was taken down using copper linear charges, which saw it hit the ground before the plant’s chimney.

Lezama’s demolition of the two structures comes just a month after the company took down a boiler unit and silos at the Narcea Thermal Power Plant in Asturias, Spain.

The decommissioning of Litoral Thermal is expected to take roughly four years to complete. Lezama and its joint venture partner are currently 40% of the way through the works, with progress on the project currently running on schedule.

Lezama Demoliciones blasts Narcea Power Plant boiler unit Contractor takes unique approach for environmental preservation


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