17 April 2024



VisionLink® Productivity offers high-level fleet and jobsite visibility to users, allowing them to keep track of operations and maximise efficiencies.

The easy-to-use, cloud-based platform gathers, analyses and summarises machine telematics and jobsite data from equipment. By delivering actionable insights, VisionLink Productivity allows businesses to:

  • improve site productivity
  • lower cost per tonne
  • improve fleet utilisation
  • lower fleet costs
  • decrease idle time
  • reduce fuel burn

One construction business reaping the benefits of VisionLink Productivity is MDM Mining and Civil in Australia, a 100% Indigenous owned and operated business on a mission to rehabilitate the land and return it to its Traditional Custodians.

The Argyle diamond mine rehabilitation program

At the former Argyle diamond mine in Australia’s East Kimberley region, MDM Mining and Civil is undergoing a major rehabilitation program. The rehabilitation program is a comprehensive and detailed process that’s expected to take five years.

Mika McLennon is the Director of MDM Mining and Civil. As a Traditional Owner of the land himself, he ensures operations are environmentally safe and culturally respectful.

“Argyle’s actually my grandmother’s country,” Mika says. “I had a very strong connection with my grandmother, she’s passed now but I know she’d be proud that we’re all involved in healing country.”

Taking the load off

Mika would rather not waste time tracking and monitoring his 22 Cat® machines when VisionLink Productivity can do it for him.

“We’ve seen the competitors trying to use outdated methods, having the whiteboard up there and tracking all their utilisation, manning and resourcing.” Mika said that with VisionLink Productivity, “we’ve got all our data and information at our fingertips. It doesn’t take a lot of man-hours to capture it or display that data back to the team, which then generates conversation about how to do it better. That’s our advantage.”

Making better decisions

WesTrac Technology Application Specialist Neil Dodge says customers who measure their productivity can generally improve their operations.

“If you haven’t got any data to understand where you’re currently at, all you’re doing is really making assumptions,” Neil says. “Once you have data, you look at your data, you analyse it, and then you start putting in ways of improving simple stuff like idle times, or shift management when people take meal breaks.”

Visibility from afar

With most of Mika’s operations occurring in remote parts of the East Kimberley, VisionLink Productivity acts as an extra set of eyes watching his machines and operators.

“We do have one project which is down towards Halls Creek, on the Tanami, that is 200kms away from Argyle,” Mika says. “We can tell if a person has their seatbelt on in a machine, so it’s a tool I would use to help train and monitor safety on the job as well.”

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