Bonfiglioli: leading solutions for mini-excavators.

26 April 2023


When it comes to mini-excavators, Bonfiglioli has one clear goal in mind: to achieve the perfect balance between precision and efficiency. So, what are the key strengths of Bonfiglioli’s solutions? Control is literally written in their DNA, combined with ease of use, versatility, and minimum maintenance requirements.In short, a dream come true.

As a renowned leader in the production of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, inverters and electric motors, the Bonfiglioli Group continues to draw on its wealth of expertise to supply cutting-edge solutions for applications specific to mini-excavators through a design-based approach that focuses on two things: meeting the actual needs of its target customers and honoring the promises it makes them.

For earth-moving equipment, reliability and precision are key when it comes to track and slew drives, particularly in terms of control: with Bonfiglioli’s solutions, operators can be safe in the knowledge that they have complete, meticulous control over their machinery.

Bonfiglioli’s range includes 3 units: the 700CK and 700CP Series, dedicated to track drives, and the Series 700TK for slew drives. But how do these solutions differ? Let’s take a look in detail.

Bonfiglioli’s track drive packages give machinery constructors the freedom to choose the best possible solution when it comes to control system. This range also ensures maximum reliability and high torque capacity without taking up unnecessary space, and is compatible with mini-excavators weighing between 1 and 6 tons.

In addition to being compact, lightweight, efficient and quiet, both the 700CK and 700CP Series are powered by integrated hydraulic motors. However, one of the differences between the two is that the 700CK motor was developed in close partnership with Kayaba, Japans’ largest hydraulic manufacturer, whilst the 700CP Series’ was born out of a collaboration with highly specialized French company Poclain Hydraulics.

Turning now to slew drives, the 700TK Series is the very best solution on the market: it’s efficient, compact, safe and incredibly versatile, and is compatible with all applications involving rotational motion, namely 1.5- to 150-ton excavators. The units are powered by integrated axial piston hydraulic motors, again developed in collaboration with Kayaba, for unparalleled safety and reliability.

In Fabio Campana’s words, Product Marketing Director of Bonfiglioli’s M&W BU, “We offer a comprehensive range of highly versatile solutions. We can electrify the machine’s drive system directly using our compact gearmotors (decentralized solution) or we can electrify just the pump, leaving the hydraulic circuit as it is, through our permanent magnetic motors (centralized solution). We therefore leave the machinery manufacturer completely free to choose the best possible solution.”

In addition to benefiting from the esteemed collaborations mentioned above, all Bonfiglioli products are manufactured in Forlì, at the Group’s HQ.

And so, Bonfiglioli’s “We Engineer Dreams” is not only a motto: it’s a promise that is continuously honored in the most tangible way possible, embodying the true essence of what it really means to be Made in Italy.



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