Vögele offers real-time paving temperatures on smartphone

Vögele has increased its digital road construction solutions

Vögele AG has increased its digital road construction solutions by offering paving temperatures in real time on smartphones and automatically generated paving and logistics concepts. 

The company – part of the Wirtgen group – said that it was using new features to adapt its digital documentation and process optimisation tools to suit the requirements of planners, construction managers and paving crews.

Digital process optimisation solutions increase quality and efficiency in road construction, but can be complex. Vögele says that for this reason it has a three-tier modular system. 

The three practical tools are the RoadScan non-contacting measuring system enabling users to monitor paving temperature across the whole paved area, the WITOS Paving Docu tool which records and analyses machine and process data, and the WITOS Paving Plus solution which allows all paving processes to be planned and optimised in real time. Vögele is adding new features to these three tools.

An important component is the new Jobsite Temp app: users of WITOS Paving Docu and WITOS Paving Plus who also use the RoadScan temperature measuring system can connect to the paver by QR code and activate the application.

Vogele says that its digital road construction solutions boost productivity

The Jobsite Temp app now gives others working on the job site, such as paving supervisors and roller operators, in addition to paver operators, access to all relevant information.

Apart from viewing paving temperatures in real time, the foreman can see other data such as current pave speed, screed width and paver position. In order to work out where a particular truck is unloading, he can also show positions of trucks.

Vögele has also improved the temperature measuring system itself. RoadScan’s infrared camera measures paving temperatures across the whole area behind the screed in a width up to 10m. In order to avoid faults in the thermal image due to moving objects, Vögele has now developed automatic correction: the RoadScan system compares up to four images for a position, enabling it to detect moving obstacles, such as those caused by scanning moving rollers, and faulty measurements are removed from the thermal image.

The WITOS Paving Docu documentation tool has new practical features: paving crews have the option of entering target project values such as target tonnages, paving sections or areas directly in the Jobsite app and of tracking progress.

“All the new features and developments linked to our digital road construction solutions ultimately have the same objective: we want to make life easier for planners, construction managers and paving crews and to give them the best possible support by providing reliable, straightforward and transparent information,” said Dr. Stephan Weller, software products manager at Joseph Vögele AG.


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