Product Pipeline: 5 new developments to boost product performance

01 March 2024

Following are a few of the latest component introductions designed to enhance the performance of a variety of equipment types.

Trackunit TU700 The new Trackunit TU700 brings edge computing to the construction equipment industry. (Photo: Trackunit)
Trackunit’s IoT device

Trackunit has launched a new IoT device for the construction industry that it said will help unlock innovation at the “edge” and significantly extend the life of machines. The TU700 is the latest version of the company’s Raw devices.

“TU700 is compatible with current and future platform services as part of a software architecture built with an extendable platform mindset and with 10 times the embedded product capability. Users will see an immediate impact on the performance of their fleets,” said Lærke Ullerup, chief marketing and products officer, Trackunit, London, Ontario, Canada. “This is an IoT-led solution that is designed to adapt and evolve with future OEM services and is specifically engineered for the construction industry.”

The company said the device will enable fleets to move toward 100% coverage, offering global roaming, long-range Bluetooth support and Wi-Fi ready capabilities to collect advanced machine data and translate them into insights on Trackunit’s Iris platform.

The launch of the TU700 coincides with the introduction of the Trackunit Pass K300 keypad, enhancing all TU700-enabled machines that require operator intervention.

“With TU700, we’re bringing new machine data to the forefront, enhancing machine integration and layering in insights through advanced edge onboard processing,” said Ullerup. “Customers are asking for more data, and this is an incredibly powerful, IoT-led dynamic that will help off-highway companies make better, multi-million dollar design decisions.”

Ullerup said the TU700 would also dovetail neatly with Trackunit’s Access Management solution to incubate equipment sharing solutions and log incidents through a machine blackbox that, with K300, will enhance safety on site.

“Users will be able to establish two-way communications with machines, enabling operating characteristics to be defined remotely to maximize productivity at a jobsite,” said Ullerup. “Additionally, we will offer over-the-air updates for OEM ECU software, providing full-fleet remote management with robust and secure life-cycle management.

Gates Clean Master Plus hose platform The Clean Master Plus pressure washer hose platform from Gates. (Photo: Gates)

“As we unlock new data, it ensures even your most complex equipment is connected, greatly increasing your control over in-the-field decisions and improving your revenue baseline,” she added. “In the long term, this will help the industry in its battle to eliminate downtime.”

Gates pressure washer hose

Gates Industrial Corporation plc has launched the Clean Master Plus hose platform, the latest addition to the company’s industrial hose lineup.

The company said the hose leverages innovation in advanced materials and wire reinforcement technology to operate at extremely high pressures of up to 6,000 psi, which it said is three times more than the average pressure washer hose, while being 22% lighter and 50% more flexible on average compared to existing 6,000-psi hoses.

“We know industrial cleaning is a tough job and designed Clean Master Plus to last longer, operate at higher pressures and be easier to use. This hose platform leverages the latest in our advanced materials and wire reinforcement technology to withstand the toughest conditions in construction, marine, general manufacturing, public works, mining and commercial property maintenance applications, to name a few,” said Tom Pitstick, president APAC and Global Strategy, Gates, Denver, Colo. “Gates has a long history of innovating and pushing boundaries to engineer products that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Gates said Clean Master Plus is a result of the company’s Eco-Innovation product development system. This process reportedly leverages the company’s capabilities across materials science development, process engineering and product design to develop high-quality, high-performance products that exceed customer expectations, while also helping to reduce environmental impacts of the products through the life cycle, including how they are manufactured.

Cattron PatriotPro remote control Cattron’s latest version of its Remtron remote control system is the PatriotPro. (Photo: Cattron)
Remote control systems from Cattron

Cattron said the next generation of its Remtron remote control systems has arrived with the release of the PatriotPro. The company said it retains the distinctive feel of the proven Patriot product, and now has a new look and a future-ready technology platform. A limited edition patriotic, flag-inspired version of the controller will be offered from March through July 4, 2024.

The operator control unit is available in standard configurations and can be engineered to meet specific application requirements. The transmitter can support up to 18 commands with an engineered system. New systems work with the company’s CBMCU, 10R/17R or 11R receivers. The unit has a 600-ft. operating range.

PatriotPro transmitters are also backwards compatible with Remtron’s existing Patriot and CommandPro systems, providing a path for upgrading existing systems.

Private label options are available for OEMs and select distributors.

For safety and security, PatriotPro addresses concerns with features such as the distinctive click-click indication between steps to ensure operators have clear feedback. The illuminated PL-d stop switch adds an extra layer of safety, making it easy to halt operations in emergency situations. Additionally, the use of black channel communication protocol ensures signal security and integrity during remote control operations, said the company.

Carrier Transicold Neos 200e electric refrigeration system The Neos 200e is part of Carrier Transicold’s growing family of eCool all-electric refrigeration systems. (Photo: Carrier Transicold)
Carrier Transicold’s solution for small delivery vehicles

Carrier Transicold’s new all-electric, high-performance Neos 200e refrigeration unit for small electric- and engine-powered delivery vehicles is now available through its North America dealer network. The engineless unit is part of the company’s family of eCool all-electric refrigeration systems designed to push carbon emissions toward zero.

The unit provides nearly 40% more cooling capacity with greater efficiency than the unit it succeeds. It can take power directly from battery-electric vehicles or, with conventional engine-driven vehicles, use the alternator and battery, enabling constant temperature control for fresh and frozen items regardless of engine speed.

“Neos 200e is ideal for florists, confectioners, grocers and last-mile delivery businesses that want commercial-vehicle-level reliability and performance from a system that’s quiet, compact and can help them achieve their sustainability goals,” said Scott Parker, truck product manager, Truck Trailer Americas, Carrier Transicold, Athens, Ga. “It delivers big results for small delivery vehicles.”

Neos 200e can be integrated into the vehicle or fitted externally. The main condenser assembly can be nose-mounted to the front of a truck box or mounted to the roof of a delivery van. A thin, ceiling-mounted evaporator maximizes interior cargo space.

The unit uses 12 V architecture and refrigerant R-452A. The compressor is housed inside the condenser rather than tied to the vehicle’s engine compartment. This eliminates long runs of refrigerant lines, said the company, reducing the amount of refrigerant needed and the potential for refrigerant leaks.

Septentrio AntaRx smart antenna Septentrio’s AntaRx smart antenna is designed for operation in harsh industrial environments. (Photo: Septentrio)
Septentrio’s smart antenna for automation

Septentrio has launched a new smart antenna that it said is ideal for machine automation and control in construction, precision agriculture and logistics. The AntaRx smart antenna can handle high levels of shocks and vibrations and is ready for operation in harsh industrial environments. Built on the company’s GNSS experience, the multi-frequency receiver delivers high-accuracy RTK positioning down to the centimeter level.

The company said equipment manufacturers and system integrators can benefit from the versatile offering including INS (Inertial Navigation System) integration, dual antenna mode and 4G cellular communication.

“AntaRx combines the renowned positioning quality of Septentrio with a high-quality antenna in a rugged and compact housing for simplified installation. The product targets industrial applications such as construction and mining, offering a high degree of robustness validated through extensive testing against industry standards,” stated Silviu Taujan, product manager, Septentrio, Leuven, Belgium. “AntaRx is available in several configurations, either as a GNSS smart antenna or as a GNSS/INS smart antenna system, integrating an industry leading IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit).”

AntaRx is part of the company’s machine control GNSS receiver portfolio. The technology integrates the company’s GNSS+ algorithms, including advanced multipath mitigation, which allows uninterrupted operation when near tall structures or machinery.


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