Italian fair

27 February 2008

Messeri's M-28U features a fully adjustable seat, servo controlled joysticks, large maintenance pane

Messeri's M-28U features a fully adjustable seat, servo controlled joysticks, large maintenance panels and a FOPS/TOPS cab as standard.

The organisers of sale 2007, BOLOGNA Fiere, are predicting attendance at this year's show should reach over 175000, with visitors coming from across Italy and the wider region to see the latest products on display from the 1750 exhibitors.

While SAIE's international exhibitors have declined in recent years, many of the major manufacturers will only be showing through their Italian dealers, but that's not to say there won't be plenty of innovation on show.


One company determined to make an impact at this year's show is Bobcat. It is promising a plethora of new products, including its S100 skid steer. Increased operator comfort and easy serviceability are at the heart of the machine, according to the company, which is powered by a transverse-mounted 25 kW Kubota 4-cylinder 1505 Stage IIIA compliant diesel engine.

The S100 weighs 1,8 tonnes, with bucket, offers a rated operating capacity of 453 kg and a tipping load of 907 kg. Compact dimensions (1,88 m high, 2,26 m long, 1,18 wide) mean it can manoeuvre efficiently in confined spaces.

Elsewhere, Bobcat will be showing an “enhanced" version of its new 323 mini-excavator. The canopy version weighs 1,5 tonnes, has a maximum digging depth of 2,34 m, a dump height of 2,58 m and a reach of 4,04 m.

Also on show will be Bobcat's new quick coupler, which has been developed in collaboration with France's Klac Industrie. It incorporates several modifications to Klac's standard system and is available in four sizes for Bobcat mini-excavators from the 319 to the 442.

Also new for SAIE will be its T2250 compact telehandler, which has been “designed and tested to the level of a loader”. There is a choice of quick-change attachment mounting systems: the traditional front carrier, either with manual or hydraulic locking, or the optional 'Bob-Tach' system, with either mechanical or hydraulic locking, for over 60 different attachments.

Case will be showing a range of machines at SAIE, including the 4,87 tonne CX50B mini-excavator. Minimum swing radius with a standard digging arm is 2,56 m. Maximum bucket capacity is 180 litres, maximum digging depth is 3,9 m. Other compact machines on show include the 440CT tracked skid steer loader. The 66 kW, 4,04 tonne machine features pilot controls, offers a tipping load capacity of 2,72 tonnes and an operating load of 1,36 tonnes and optional hydraulic quick coupler.

Moving up the weight classes, Case will be showing its 22,7 tonne CX230B crawler excavator with articulated boom. The Stage IIIA compliant 117 kW machine has four work modes, three traditional modes (heavy, standard and light) plus an automatic mode and an electronic engine power management system. Maximum reach is 9,39 m, maximum digging depth is 5,71 m.

Visitors will also be able to see the 15,3 tonne, 87 kW Stage IIIA compliant WX145 wheeled excavator, which features its Ecopower system, an electronic information display console that, according to Case, makes the operator's work easier. Other features include “DigPower”, an electronic hydraulic control system that monitors the two main pumps and the separated closed circuit swing pump and regulates engine power according to demand.

Also on show will be the 921E wheeled loader, which at 22,9 tonnes is Case's largest. The 221 kW machine has a maximum load capacity of 4,4 m3, and four selectable work modes: max, standard, economy and auto working.

The company's telehandler range will be represented by the TX140-45, which has a maximum lift height of 13,6 m and a lift capacity at maximum reach of 4,5 tonnes. The 88 kW machine has a top speed of 35 km/hour and features a PowerShift transmission with four forward and three reverse speeds.

IHIMER will be showing several new products on its stand, most of which it is keeping under wraps until the show itself. However, one new machine will be the new Carry 107 mini-dumper.

Features include a self-loading shovel, a power take-off for use with a variety of attachments, including bucket, concrete mixer kit and grader blade. Other features include a variable undercarriage – 780 to 1080 mm, reduced noise and vibration levels, and easy access maintenance and service panels.

It is supplied with either a Honda petrol engine (6,6 or 8,2 kW) or a Yanmar diesel (7,4 kW). Other optional features include the “Hi-Flow" system, which means the dumper can also use several tools, including a breaker, hydraulic hammer-drill, manual hydraulic auger and a water pump, and an engine monitoring system.

Compact equipment is also on offer from Italy's Messersi. It will be showing several machines, including its new TCH-2500 tracked dumper.

Just 1,23 m wide the TCH-2500 offers good stability, and a payload capacity of 2,5 tonnes. The 35 kW Stage IIIA compliant Kubota V2403M 4-cylinder engine gives a top speed of 12 km/hour. Pilot controls come as standard. The driver's seat can rotate 180°. The ROPS canopy can be dismounted for compact transport dimensions.

Also making a splash will be Messersi's M-28U zero tail swing mini excavator. Coming in at just under 3 tonnes the M-28U is fitted with a 28 kW Stage IIIA compliant engine, features a regenerative circuit on the stick, traction reduction gears and rubber tracks. Extra ballast is optional, while a fully adjustable seat, servo controlled joysticks, large maintenance panels and a FOPS/TOPS cab come as standard.

Getting its Italian show debut is Palazzani's Skyline wheeled loader series, with the company showing two models – the 8 tonne PL195, and the 10 tonne PL1105. Bucket capacities are 1,5 and 1,9 m3 respectively, while the same Stage IIIA compliant Perkins 1104D-E44TA engine powers both machines. Top speeds are 35 and 40 km/hour.


At the heart of IMER's stand will be its Oru OneDay mobile plant, which is part pre-assembled and fully pre-wired for quick and easy assembly.

Compact dimensions make it suitable for small urban sites.

The plant features IMER's Oru MS planetary mixer with vertical blades. Loading capacity is 2250 litres, while vibrated output is 1500 litres.

Safety is a key feature, with the loading skip, complete with gravity unloading hatch, fitted to a track complete with weighing device to ensure the correct quantities are used throughout the mixing process. A quick shut off/emergency stop switch comes as standard. Another interesting feature is the plants AirBag, which collects air from the mixing drum during the mixing process.

Cifa will be showing the latest model in its MK Magnum range of truck-mixers, the MK 32 L 115- 806. Features include a four section, Z boom, new sequential telescopic front outriggers and fixed tilting rear outriggers.

Also on show will be its new K35L XZ concrete pump. Features include a five section, 35 m long, 305 mm diameter Z-ZR boom, X-configuration front outriggers and a 4,2 m wheel-base.

Also on the stand will be the K52L XRZ truck-mounted concrete pump. Features include a 52 m, six-section RZ folding boom, X-configuration triple extension outriggers and rear jacks. The four-axle version weights 44 tonnes, the five-axle version 48 tonnes.

New on the batching plant side is the CompactEasy. Designed for quick, easy transport and set-up, features include 45 m3 of aggregate storage, electronic weighing system, four screw feeders, dual horizontal axle mixer, with a 1,5 m3 output per cycle, and a maximum capacity of 55 m3/hour.

Elsewhere, Somero will be showing two machines at SAIE, the PowerRake and the CopperHead XD 2.0 Laser Screed.

The PowerRake is a one-man, 4-wheel drive, ride-on mechanical raking system. Features include a laser controlled, double-sided blade that strikes out wet concrete as it is poured, which, according to the company, significantly reduces the time needed to set up floors for screeding.

The CopperHead is a self propelled, laser-guided, two-wheeled walk behind screed with a vibrating plough. It uses Somero's own laser levelling system to cut the concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it smooth in one pass.

Officina Nora will be showing its Super 3 concrete batching plant and Nora single shaft mixer, which is suitable for mixing concrete, cement mixtures and asphalt base layers.

Asphalt is produced “cold" with bituminous emulsion and cement. It is possible to use aggregate or milled material. Advantages of the system, according to Officina Nora, include low fuel consumption and emissions during operation. The lining is guaranteed to produce 1 million m3 before needing any maintenance, while “perfectly homogeneous" can be produced in just 30 seconds. Humidity and consistency are controlled via a microwave probe.


One of the largest exhibition areas at SAIE will be that devoted to the crane sector. Although this is not a 't ower crane year' (tower cranes are shown on alternate years), visitors can expect to see the usual strong showing from the hydraulic loader and mobile crane manufacturers.

IMAI will be showing a range of mini cranes, including the Jekko range, which includes the new SPD500CD with a 10,4 m four section chain-driven boom plus a two-section 3,9 m hydraulic jib. Redesigned with increased lifting capacity it is now a standard production model rather than a special order one.

IMAI will also be showing a variety of baskets and platforms for lorry cranes and a concrete silo loader, the TS20, on a four-axel vehicle.

Elsewhere, Eurogruas will be showing its 15 tonne capacity 150.35, alongside its 16 tonne capacity 160.30. The 150.35 replaces the 21.33, features a five section telescopic boom and has a maximum height under hook of 34 m. A two-piece, 7,2 tonne counterweight comes as standard.

The 160.30 features a four-section boom and has a maximum height under hook of 29 m. Updated to include a new frame, outrigger system, superstructure and counterweight further details will be available at the show.

Effer will be showing 10 hydraulic loader cranes, including the new 1355 and 470. The new 1355-8S, which is making its world premiere, is rated at 100 tonne-metres and features Effer's distinctive decagonal boom profile. Eight hydraulic extensions give a maximum horizontal outreach over 19 m and a working height of 24 m.

The real new feature of this crane, however, is its new Crosstab base design with X-shaped outriggers, which give good stability through 360° without increasing the space needed to mount the crane on the truck.

Making its Italian debut is a 6S version of the 470 with six hydraulic extensions and a four section fly jib. Features include decagonal boom, continuous slewing, and outreaches up to 30 m. The new fly jib opens to 20°, and lifting capacity is as much as +70% higher than previous jibs of comparable size, according to Effer.

Like Effer, Cormach will be showing a range of hydraulic loader cranes at SAIE. This might include a new installation concept of a revised model 88000 2/2 TECH crane, although the company was not sure as CE went to press.

However, top of the Cormach range is the 225 tonne-metre model 225000, which get its world premier at the show. More details will be available at the show.

Cormach is also promising to show a selection of Euromach walking excavators, again, further details will be available at the show.

Fassi will be giving Italian premiers to its F510A, F560AXP, F600A and F660AXP Evolution loader cranes, all of which are over 50 tonne-metres. Features include up to eight hydraulic extensions, giving three different jibs, for a total of 25 versions per model.

Other features include Fassi's Double Link Technology, which connects the rod and fork, Prolink, which increases the angle of the secondary boom by 15° and of the jib by 10°, and the electronic Integral Machine Control (IMC) system.

Getting its official Italian launch at SAIE will be Tadano Faun's five axle ATF 220G-5, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 220 tonnes. Features include a Daimler Benz 8-cylinder diesel engine, the 395 kW OM 502 LA, coupled with a ZF AS-Tronic 16 speed transmission. Maximum travel speed is 85 km/hour. Maximum boom length is 68 m, while an optional fly jib – 5,4 to 37 m – is also available.


Hoist manufacturer GEDA will be using SAIE to unveil its new Italian dealer LDS Sistemi di Elevazione. LDS took over as GEDA's Italian dealer earlier this year.

Visitors to the stand will be able to see rope hoists and rack and pinion hoists, including the 200Z, a lightweight scaffolding hoist and the Multilift personnel and material hoist.

Elsewhere, Platform Basket will be showing its latest self-propelled aerial work platforms, the Spider 15.75 and Spider 18.70. The Spider range uses extendible tracks with a parallelogram system that, using the force of gravity, allows it to extend or narrow the undercarriage track-gauge, while lifting or lowering the platform's ground clearance at the same time.

Just 1,92 m high and 0,78 m wide the machines are ideal for small, cramped sites. Independent stabilisers allow the operator to work on slopes of 32°. Maximum working reach is 8 m with 120 kg, or 6 m with 200 kg for the 15.75. Maximum reach for the 18.70 is 7 m with 120 kg or 6 m with 200 kg.

Palazzani will be showing new models from its Ragno range of tracked access platforms – the TSJ 19 and Ragno XTJ 42.

The 2,8 tonne TSJ 19 has a maximum working height of 19 m and a maximum outreach is 9 m. Other features include hydraulic transmission, rubber tracks, rotating outriggers, telescopic boom with articulated upper jib, a 1,4 x 0,7 m platform and small storage dimensions (0,98 x 1,87 m).

The larger XTJ 42 has a maximum working height of 42 m. Features include independently articulating outriggers, rubber tracks, adjustable undercarriage width – 1,37 to 1,8 m – a six section telescopic main boom, 360° continuous rotation, self-levelling and hydraulically rotating 2,4 x 0,9 m platform.

Other Equipment

Radio remote control manufacturer Autec will showcase its full product line, premiering two brand new pushbutton handsets, the MK 6 and MK 8, part of the award winning Modular range. Compact dimensions are a feature of the new six-and eight-button transmitters and actuators can be fitted to meet the requirements of any lifting device in the construction and material handling industries, according to the company.

The optional Data Feedback function has a graphic display in the transmitter for information from the crane's sensors. All models have “Master-Slave" and “Take-Release" functions for multiple crane control.

Elsewhere, Conjet's Italian distributor Roald di Codecasa will be showing its hydrodemolition Robot 322, the smallest unit in its range. The compact, lightweight Robot 322 is, according to Conjet, exceptionally manoeuvrable and ideal for working in confined spaces. It can pass through a 0,8 m wide opening (depending on attachment), making it ideal for operating in tunnels as small as 1,7 m diameter with rotor attachment or single nozzle. Operable via remote control the 322 has a variable undercarriage.

Now part of Sandvik Mining and Construction, Extec Screens and Crushers will be showcasing its popular S-4 screen and the C-10+ track-mounted jaw crusher at SAIE.

The new C-10+ has an operating weight of 32,1 tonnes and is powered by a Caterpillar C6.6, Stage IIIA compliant engine. A vibrating feeder ensures a consistent flow of material to the unit's 1000 x 650 mm fully-adjustable and hydraulically-controlled jaw crusher.

For quick and easy maintenance, the C-10+'s jaw action can be reversed to free blockages. A “fast track" system helps clear the machine of tangled steel reinforcing bar, while the entire machine can be raised hydraulically to facilitate cleaning and routine maintenance duties. SKF “sealed for life bearings" and an automatic jaw lubrication system come as standard.

The S-4 track-mounted mobile weighs 28,0 tonnes, is powered by a Stage IIIA compliant 74,9 kW Deutz BF4M 2012 diesel engine, and consumes just 19,3 litres of fuel per hour under 100% engine load. Just 15,8 m long and 16,8 m wide, the S-4's two screens offer a combined screening area equivalent to a 4,8 x 1,5 m screening system.

Optional extras include a remote control system, shredder box for green waste applications, and a vibrating grid.

HBC-radiomatic will be showing a range of radio remote controls, including the new technos transmitter with graphical display, ergonomic design and slim shape. Its LCD screen offers can display either system data or plant-specific feedback.

The technos is available with two multi-step or analogue HBC joysticks or with six analogue linear levers. A pair of z-axis joysticks can be used and on the front plate and there is space for up to four rotary or toggle switches.

Also on show will be the spectrum 1D available in a new version with LCD screen. The standard version has either two HBC joysticks or six linear levers. A version with z-axis joysticks for simultaneous control of three drive commands is also available.

MB Crusher will have various versions of its bucket crusher system either on display or working in the demo area including the 1,5 tonne BF60.1, which is suitable for carriers over 8 tonnes and produces 20 to 100 mm aggregates.

The BF70.2 weighs 2,25 tonnes, is suitable for carriers over 12 tonnes, has a maximum capacity of 0,5 m3 and produces aggregate from 20 to 120 mm. The 3,5 tonne BF90.3 is suitable for carriers over 20 tonnes. Its jaw crusher has a maximum opening of 900 x 450 mm. Maximum capacity is 0,75 m3. It produces aggregate from 2 to 120 mm.

The 4,9 tonne BF120.4 is suitable for carriers of over 28 tonnes. The jaw crusher has an opening of 1200 x 450 mm. Maximum capacity is 0,95 m3. Crushed material measures from 20 to 120 mm.

SimAmmann will be showing the 280 tonnes/ hour SpeedyBatch 280, a modular asphalt mixing plant that can be moved and assembled quickly and easily, according to the company.

The stand-alone plant, which can also be linked to other plants on site, features a central tower containing drier, filter and silos for ease of maintenance.

Italy's 3B6 will be showing its MC2M controller, alongside its 3B2 Black Box datalogger and CLS integrated control system.

The MC2M is a main CAN BUS controller that provides either analogue, digital, or RPM inputs and On/Off and PWM outputs. Based on FreeScale microprocessors and freely programmable in C language it is suitable for 's afety critical' applications and to EN-280 for aerial platforms.

The 3B2 Black Box Datalogger is a data logging management unit with detection, storage, GPRS data transmission and GPS localization features, making it the ideal completing unit for electronic control plants on rental fleets, according to 3B6.

The CLS integrated control system's wide display allows quick and clear analysis of vehicle status and maintenance conditions. Its integrated inputs/outputs mean it is a “real stand-alone and compact control system”. It also has high visibility warning lights and a CAN-BUS port allows full integration with existing networks.


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