Fayat restructure

18 April 2012

The Edensprayer, a new sprayer from Secmair, conforms to the new European standards.

The Edensprayer, a new sprayer from Secmair, conforms to the new European standards.

The Fayat Group's road building equipment division is being restructured into three business units, and its Ermont brand is set to become Marini-Ermont later in the year.

Jean-Claude Fayat, general manager of Fayat Group, said, "Fayat is in good shape but remains careful. Diversification is a key weapon to fight the crisis."

He added, "The crisis is not over - the financing aspects have to be handled with care."

Fayat's road building machines - including rollers, paver finishers, planers, stabilisers and light equipment - will go under one global brand, Bomag.

Its production plants consist of hot-mix, cold-mix and warm-mix asphalt, emulsion and hydrocarbon binder plants, using the Marini, Ermont and SAE brands. Fayat said that Marini is global, while Ermont is a speciality brand in a smaller geographical area.

On 1 October, 2012, the Ermont brand will be replaced by Marini-Ermont In all markets, including France. At the same time, Ermont products such as the TSM and Retroflux will be renamed TSM Ermont, Retroflux Ermont, etc.

New products arising from joint developments will be marketed under the Marini brand. Fayat said that the service, training and support centres would remain unchanged and their fields of expertise would be extended to respect local cultures and comply with local specifications by providing the best possible support.

Fayat said that its road maintenance, sweeping and urban maintenance, and airport handling equipment would be a part of a new, more powerful business unit offering industrial synergies with the Breining and Secmair brands for road building, Mathieu, Ravo and Scarab for sweeping, and Charlatte for airport handling.

There is a single business unit covering hot mix and cold mix asphalt plants, and at Intermat, the group showed two products.

One is a new-generation containerised emulsion plant equipped with a bitumill and manufactured by Ermont, with an output of 10 to 15 tonnes/h.

The group's new continuous hot mix asphalt production plant, the Compact, was also at the show.

Fayat said that continuous plants represented 50% of the French fleet, and must either be replaced or modernised while incorporating the targets of the Grenelle de l'Environnement - the French environmental programme. Ermont claimed that it offered contractors optimised and economic solutions, either with new equipment, or with the assistance of its support teams. The Compact is offered in several versions, including one with a Retroflux drum.

With the new Top Tower 3000 P, at 240 tonnes/h, Marini claimed to have broadened its range of asphalt plants and said it could now meet all of the 200 to 300 tonnes/h market's needs.

Fayat's main road maintenance brands are Breining and Secmair. The maintenance business unit's leading product for Intermat was the Swift from Secmair, which repairs potholes. The Swift won a silver at Intermat's Innovation Awards 2012, in the civil engineering equipment section.

Secmair has redesigned its Chipsealer range and has launched the Chipsealer 360 - a machine which offers full-width operation of up to 3.60m and is equipped with a spraybar and telescopic chip spreader.

The company said that the quest for quality and durability was of paramount importance and was the reason why a tack coat is applied prior to microsurfacing. Its Novasealer, which is being presented for the first time in France, is equipped with a Novabox distribution system and a new Novasysteme automated system. This makes the microsurfacing more durable and therefore more economical, according to Fayat.

The Edensprayer is a new sprayer from Secmair, and conforms to the new European standards. Sales and marketing manager Jacques Bonvallet said that no operators were stationed onboard the vehicle at the rear, and protection was provided against any emissions.

With all Fayat's road building machines designed, built and marketed by Bomag, the company is concentrating on the communication between compactors with its new BCM net system.

It said that when several compactors were operating on motorways, airports and similar jobsites, the compaction runs had to be combined. The Bomag communication system performs this role and builds up a complete picture of the project.

The BM 600/15 planer is a new model which Fayat said offered the user real benefits through its manoeuvrability, easy changing of milling drums, and speedy removal of the collection conveyor.


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