Europe’s 10 ‘best places’ for construction workers

05 November 2021

As we make our way through a new, post-covid existence, safety in the European construction industry has become a hot topic, including where construction workers can stay healthy, in demand, and receive a fair and respectable wage.

But which countries rank highest as the best place for workers to prosper?

A recent survey from construction clothing equipment manufacturer Workwear Guru set out to locate the best places in the world for construction workers to prosper.

The study considered three major factors for ranking the best countries for construction workers including: the average salaries in construction, safety, and cost of living in each country/state.

Workguru carried out the survey with data from Numbeo’s and worldpopulation’s Cost of Living index, as well as data from Salaryexplorer and the Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Credit: Reuters.

The study took into account the cost of living for each country in the world, using Numbeo’s and worldpopulation’s Cost of Living index. This index adjusts states and cities for transportation, grocery costs, and other utilities that impact the quality of life for a construction worker in a specific country. Countries with higher living costs scored lower in the study.

Using data from Salaryexplorer, the study also compared the average salaries for construction workers and adjusted them based on the cost-of-living index for each country.

Considering that construction is perpetually among the most dangerous industries, with 250 incidents per 10,000 FTE, the benefits of having a safe construction site is abundantly clear.

Using data from Lloyd’s Register Foundation, the safety for world and EU countries was measured by percentage of people who answered affirmatively to whether they’ve been seriously injured while working.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Switzerland

Average salary: $79, 159

Cost of living: 125.02

Safety: 13%

2. United Kingdom

Average salary $57,957

Cost of living: 70.64

Safety: 8%

3. Belgium

Average Salary: $53,501

Cost of living: 75.79

Safety: 12%

4. Luxembourg

Average salary: $40,731

Cost of living: 85.3

Safety: 11%

5. Netherlands

Average salary: $41,312

Cost of living: 78.93

Safety: 15%

6. Denmark

Average salary: $45,295

Cost of living: 88.53

Safety: 20%

7. Finland

Average salary: $38,843

Cost of living: 76.35

Safety: 18%

8. Norway

Average salary: $40,326

Cost of living: 103.56

Safety: 14%

9. Malta

Average salary: $38,366

Cost of living: 72.92

Safety: 19%

10. France

Average salary: $34,270

Cost of living: 77.59

Safety: 11%


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