ERA updates environmental ‘manifesto’

06 September 2022

The European Rental Association has published a new Manifesto on the Environmental Benefits of Rental. The document - an updated version of its 2015 document- is aligned to the European Green Deal, promoting the idea that rental contributes to a circular economy and the fight against climate change.

It also represents a call to action to the European Union “to recognise the environment benefits of rental based on the core principles of shared usage, repairability, resource use, reusability and recyclability,” ERA said. 

On shared usage the manifesto states that “construction companies and other rental customers can access equipment when required, improving efficiency.”

Meanwhile rental asset management leads to a more frequent, hence more efficient, use of equipment. Rented equipment travels shorter distances with delivery trucks used to capacity as equipment is shared between customers and job sites, while “truck sizes and load factors are also optimised, significantly reducing emissions from transport,”

On repairability, the manifesto states that rental companies contribute to a product design that facilitates maintenance and repair, with a focus on spare parts management.

Resource use is maximised by rental companies, because they “increasingly invest in green fleets to offer modern equipment utilising low carbon intensity fuels and other alternative energies.”

They also provide training to their customers to optimise the use of equipment, as well as supplying customers with data about their use of the equipment to improves environmental efficiency.

Photo: Reuters / J.M. Image Factory / Alamy.

Components of dismantled equipment can be reused or repurposed, as rental companies take care of their equipment through repairs and can recycle it at the end of its life cycle.

ERA said rental companies can also use their bargaining power to demand equipment suppliers limit the use of non-recyclable material and take responsibility for end-of-life management by collecting, reusing or recycling equipment

The Manifesto is available to download on the ERA website and is free to use by rental companies:


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