Contractor completes 60% of project planning using BIM

Tecklenburg, a long-established construction company with a history dating back to 1878, has successfully embraced digital transformation with the support of software solutions from the Nemetschek Group.

Tecklenburg used Nemetschek’s BIM solutions (Photo: AdobeStock)

The company started their Building Information Modeling (BIM) journey three years ago. The primary objectives were to streamline planning processes, identify and resolve potential issues in advance, and improve efficiency. 

A critical aspect of the BIM implementation was specifying the tools to be used by external planners, architects, and construction companies. Tecklenburg chose the Nemetschek brands Solibri and Allplan for these purposes while remaining open to integration with other software through OPEN BIM.

In their first major BIM-supported project, the construction of a district police building in the Rhine-Erft district, Tecklenburg used Nemetschek’s BIM solutions. The project saw 60% of planning completed using Allplan, significantly reducing the planning phase duration and resource requirements compared to traditional methods.

Solibri played a crucial role in error detection, compatibility checks, and collision identification, leading to substantial cost savings by preventing potential delays and rework. By resolving 7,800 collisions during the planning phase, Tecklenburg further optimised the project’s efficiency.

Throughout the construction process, BIM is said to have provided transparency and facilitated seamless collaboration among different departments. The real-time cost analysis allowed the sales and costing teams to optimise their approaches for future projects.

With the successful integration of Nemetschek’s professional BIM tools, Tecklenburg completed the construction project for the district police authority on time and within budget.

Detlef Schneider, CEO of ALLPLAN said, “The use of various BIM tools along the building life cycle of Tecklenburg shows how construction companies can gain security, save costs, and work much more efficiently. In particular, thinking in workflows – instead of silos – significantly increases transparency, collaboration, and thereby efficiency,” Ville Kyytsönen, CEO of Solibri, adds, “It’s great to see how a traditional company like Tecklenburg serves as a pioneer for the digital transformation of the industry.”


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