APEX Asia show: new aerial platforms on display in Shanghai

APEX Asia will be an important indicator of the domestic China market, which is fast becoming one of the most advanced in the world, particularly when it comes to the likes of charging infrastructure for electric lifts, which is growing at a quicker rate than most other countries.

It will also be interesting to discover the products that exhibitors will be introducing at the show, which takes place in Shanghai, China, 24-27 October. Here follows some of the MEWP models, set to join a vast range of components on display in the APEX Asia hall.

LGMG One of the LGMG mast lift series.

LGMG will concentrate on electric, oil-free solutions, with the launch of the zero hydraulic, all-electric S0607PE slab scissor, with electromechanical actuators that replace the hydraulic lift system.

A new control system has also been developed for smooth operation, alongside a range of automatic configuration settings.

The new electric SR1623E RT scissor offers the same advantages as the S0607PE, with all electric components, brushless motors, with a high protection level.

LGMG’s articulating AR24JE boom lift incorporates lithium batteries, low noise, zero-emissions and high-capacity. The axle-integrated four-wheel drive system comes with three steering modes: front-wheel, crab and four-wheel steering, to meet the demands of operations in narrow spaces. There is also a high strength anti-torsional frame to satisfy container transportation conditions.

Mantall Mantall’s latest articulating boom lift.

One of China’s oldest specialist MEWP manufacturers Mantall will be at the show with its latest hybrid articulated boom lifts, the 17m working height HZ170JH and new 20m working HZ200JH.

The HZ170JH features a 300kg basket capacity, four-wheel drive, AC motor drive, automatic levelling, proportional control, fault diagnosis system, tilt alarm, weighing system, foam tyres and a 1.83m x 0.76m platform. The hybrid system comes standard with lead acid batteries, with lithium batteries being an option.

The dual capacity HZ200JH has a 300kg unrestricted and 454kg restricted load capacity and offers the same features as described for the HZ170JH.

Haulotte Haulotte’s equipment on show are all produced in China.

Haulotte will showcase its 8m working height Optimum 8 electric scissor, alongside the 16m working height Sigma16 electric articulating boom and 28m HT28RTJO diesel engine-powered telescopic boom.

The manufacturer has chosen these three products as the best performers for Haulotte in China, and that are produced in its facility in the country. The aim of the French manufacturer’s presence at the show will be to demonstrate its ‘in China, for China’ philosophy, in terms of equipment and service.

Rowshow A pair of Rowshow scissor lifts.

Roshow Heavy Industry (RHI), is a subsidiary of Roshow Group. RHI is focusing on direct electric drive scissor lifts and electric-powered boom lifts on its stand. The company boasts reliable and easy to operate equipment that are aimed at a high residual value, it says.

Among the range is the 12m working height RS1212HD and 8m working height RS0608HD slab scissors and the articulating 16m and 18m working height RSA16E and RSA18E boom lifts.

Yofar Henan Yofar Special Vehicle Group was established in 2014 and will display telescopic boom lifts and a telehandler and is looking to expand into Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and other Southeast Asia countries.

China’s largest access specialist Dingli will launch a mini electric articulated boom lift, the BA11NE, alongside a range of its existing equipment, at the show. This includes its Modular Electric Boom Lifts series, with 85% shared components across the series, zero emissions, and suitable for standard container transportation.

The company’s electric rough terrain scissor lifts will make a showing too, equipped with a high capacity battery pack, zero emissions and strong RT four-wheel drive performance.

The AC slab scissors are equipped with fully sealed AC system, replacing the traditional DC system to make them more efficient and safer.

Dingli Dingli’s heavy load capacity, lithium battery-powered BT44ERT.

Dingli’s fully electric mini scissors are equipped with a large hub, and are compact, light and easy to transport.

Then there will be the Electric Glass Attachment Boom Lifts with a 1500kg section tool, zero emission and eight independent suction cups and wireless remote control, alongside millimetre precision, says the company.

Skyjack One of Skyjack’s DC scissor range on show

Canada-based Skyjack will be promoting its new China production facilities, which are set to open in the third quarter this year. Construction of the Skyjack Asia-Pacific factory in Tianjin has been underway since September 2022. Adjacent to parent company Linamar’s plant, the Skyjack factory will manufacture scissor and boom lifts and serve the Chinese market, as well as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe, among others.

Skyjack will also be exhibiting its range of DC electric scissors, the SJ3215, SJ3219 and SJ4732 at the show. The DC scissors offer working heights from 6m to 11.75m and are able to operate in confined indoor and outdoor work sites.

Greenkeep Jiangsu Greenkeep Intelligent Technology has upgraded its slab scissors for the show and also produces crawler-mounted scissors, self propelled telescopic and articulating booms and vertical mast lifts. They cover working heights from 3m to 40m.

All Skyjack electric scissors come with solid rubber non-marking tyres and the manufacturer’s simple to use control system.

JOVOO Jovoo’s 20m working height electric articulated boom. (Photo: Jovoo).

Access specialist Jovoo Industries was founded in 2009 and now has more than 10 ranges incorporating articulating and telescopic lifts, towable lifts and scissor lifts. They are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, says the company, including the United States, Germany and Japan.

The company will present a new 20m working height electric articulated boom lift and an 18m electric telescopic boom. The V20 offers a dual load capacity of 230kg/350kg and is equipped with automatic boom lowering, four-wheel drive and strong climbing ability. The J18 electric telescopic boom lift also has four wheel drive, automatic lowering, plus a long lasting battery life, says the company.

Hered Part of the Hered range.

Hered Intelligent Technology was established in April 2019. It is closely associated with the China Association of Aerial Work Platforms and participated in the drafting of the country’s standards for ‘tracked lifting work platforms’. The company says it will show many new products, such as a 9m articulating boom lift, 6m mast lift, 21m articulating boom lift and a 22m telescopic boom. As a hint of their specifications, Hered says the standard theme this year will be heavy loads.

Trojan The trojan collection.

Trojan will be on show with the launch of its 29TM-AGM battery, with a 110Ah@20Hr capacity. It is made of Polypropylene with no leakage and is maintenance-free.

Also on show will be the deep cycle AGM series of adsorption glass fibre separator batteries and deep cycle flooded batteries ideal for use in renewable energy systems. Designed with Trojan’s T2 technology, the active water filling port system makes adding water to the battery safer and faster, and the built-in maximum liquid level indicator, the water level can be accurately controlled.

The company’s new Lithium-ion batteries will also be there with a faster charging time and longer usage, along with a breakthrough battery management system (BMS).

Chinese battery producer Quimo will show products from its range. As a hint the company says, “Most users lack maintenance knowledge or are unwilling to maintain batteries themselves. Rental companies have a wide distribution of MEWPs, making battery maintenance inconvenient or costly. Therefore, rich liquid batteries with high requirements for use and maintenance will be gradually replaced.”

Cobo will present its new sensors line including inclinometers, inertial modules, rotary, linear, forces, sonar and radar.

“We shall certainly focus on how our components and electronic control system can efficiently control vehicle movements with hardware and software compliant to the most stringent safety norms.”

XCMG XCMG Fire-fighting Safety Equipment will be on show with its wide range of access equipment covering 6m-18m scissor lifts, 16m-26m articulating boom lifts, 16m-70m telescopic lifts, amounting to more than 40 models.
Tonghe Henan Tonghe Intelligent Mechanical Equipment, based in Changge City, Henan Province has developed a range of slab scissor lifts, which will be presented at the show.


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