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AI-powered robotic excavators take direction on site
Gravis Robotics is developing a module that attaches to individual excavators so they can work to spec every day on the job 
Despite materials price surge, US contractors remain confident
Material prices surge in April but contractors are remaining positive
UK needs 250,000 extra construction workers by 2028
The UK needs 250,000 extra construction workers by 2028 if it wants to meet demand
5 reasons why construction suffers stubborn labour shortage in Europe
Europe’s construction industry continues to suffer a labour imbalance, with almost half the occupations classified as being in shortage in the region belonging in the sector
VIDEO: What’s next for global equipment sales?
A Q&A on global construction sales with OHR’s managing director, Chris Sleight
Wired differently: Harnessing neurodiverse talent in construction
What skills can people with autism, dyslexia and ADHD bring to the construction sector?
Yellow Line: Is construction equipment changing colour?
Can the ubiquitous yellow excavator survive in an age of global branding?
Caterpillar’s 2023 highlights: remote control tech and electric solutions
OEM reveals 2023 sales for construction and resource industries, and its highlights of the year
New CEO and global ambitions for contractor Mace
Change of leadership at Mace as it seeks to double global revenue from its consultancy business
3 findings from Bouygues’ first quarter results
Bouygues releases its 2024 first quarter results
US construction demand still growing despite worker shortage
US construction employment rose in 65% of 358 different metro areas between March 2023 and March 2024, as demand construction demand continued to grow despite a shortage of workers.
JLG Q1 sales ‘exceed expectations’ despite dip in Europe
Demand in North America continues to be strong as JLG sees “continued demand drivers going forward”
UK faces ‘brutal’ construction skills shortage
The UK faces a ‘brutal’ construction skills shortage as a series of megaprojects already underway plus several more set to begin soon compete for scarce labour resources.
Eyes on inventories as Caterpillar announces Q1 results
Caterpillar announces its first quarter results on 25 April
Could a four-day week really work in the construction industry?
For a long time, working for four days a week instead of five but with no reduction in pay sounded like an unachievable – possibly even decadent – idea in pretty much any industry.
Yanmar outlines compact equipment ambitions
Developing dedicated electric platforms for compact machines
How to save money and get ahead with ‘smart’ project management
Stay ahead with ‘smart project management’
Job hopping, remote working, and tech: How can construction retain Gen Z?
What does Gen Z want from the construction industry? And can the industry provide it?
How much are the world’s biggest construction OEMs spending on R&D?
What are the world’s 10 biggest construction equipment manufacturers spending on research and development?
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