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US overtime pay rule now in effect
Multiple lawsuits filed against DOL’s increase to worker salary thresholds
Man pleads guilty to obstructing investigation into construction workplace death
A man has pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy and three charges of obstruction in relation to an investigation into the workplace death of a construction worker
Serbia begins construction on Belgrade-Niš railway
The Belgrade-Niš railway line forms part of Pan-European Corridor X
Could part of the billion-dollar HS2 rail project be revived?
With the Labour Party now in power in the UK, what might happen with the problematic HS2 project?
UK’s new government to re-establish housebuilding targets amid planning shake-up
The UK’s new government is to re-establish annual targets for the number of new homes built in the country, as it also pledged to overhaul planning rules
Chinese firm to build ‘first’ motorway for African country
A Chinese firm will build what is reported to be an African country’s first motorway
Labour wins UK election: urged to create a safer and greener construction industry
Labour has overturned a large Conservative majority to become the governing party of the UK 
The fish that inspired a billion-dollar project near the US Great Lakes
Species of fish inspired more than US$1-billion construction project in the US
FIEC warns against reclassification of recycled aggregates
The European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) warns against the reclassification of recycled/recovered aggregates from construction and demolition waste
New York contractors call for mental wellness training and construction suicide reporting legislation
An association that claims to represent 1,200 union contractors in New York, US, has called for the City of New York to include mental wellness within the training construction workers receive
US OSHA proposes rule to protect workers from extreme heat
US agency proposed a new rule that would increase protections from heat for workers
Construction of US$2.6bn ‘largest’ windfarm in Southern Hemisphere underway
Construction of Southern Hemisphere’s largest windfarm started in June
European Parliament, French elections could have impact on EU sustainability policies
The gains made by far-right political parties may make it difficult for the European Parliament to move as aggressively on sustainability.
3 New York City transit projects with an uncertain future after funding yanked
A look at three New York City projects in jeopardy after plans for NYC congestion charging pulled
Stonehenge could be put on world heritage danger list over tunnel plan
The A303 tunnel project in the UK is on shaky ground even though project contractors have already been announced 
Construction in Argentina faces ‘unprecedented crisis’
National public works in Argentina have come to a standstill 
Is Saudi Arabia set to become world’s largest market for construction?
Real estate consultancy group claims that by 2028 Saudi Arabia could be the world’s largest market for construction
US judge blocks rule seeking higher wages for construction workers
A Biden administration rule for construction labour has been blocked by the courts
New guidance on AI and construction issued
Understanding AI in the context of construction “vitally important” to provide new opportunities 
Equal Opportunities Commission publishes guide to help tackle harassment in the construction industry
Requiring plans to address harassment in contract bids and providing an anonymous hotline to receive complaints for all onsite workers cited as examples of good practice by EEOC
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