What’s new at ConExpo 2023?

24 January 2023

ACT’s “What’s New Review” profiles twenty products and services that will make their debut in Las Vegas.

Less than six months from the Bauma tradeshow in Germany, and we are covering ConExpo 2023, North America’s largest construction equipment tradeshow that will convene March 14-18 in Las Vegas, NV.

Photo: Robert Dimmit Photography, © 2023

The construction sector is excited about this show, especially since the 2020 show was such a disappointment.

Due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the show was cut short and not well attended.

But here we are three years later, and we are told the vibe is positive and there’s a lot of pent up demand among buyers to see new equipment, and in the case of the crane, rigging and specialized transportation sector, cranes, trailers, rigging gear and related services.

This show will be a wonderful showcase of new and improved products and services. American Cranes & Transport compiled the top 20 new products/brands noteworthy of mentioning in our preview.

Zero-emission cranes at ConExpo

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Broderson Manufacturing is introducing three new cranes that are sure to impress. Broderson will unveil the IC-400-C, the RT-400-B and the ICe-80.

The Broderson ICe-80 is the company’s first foray into electric cranes.

The IC400-C is a 25-ton industrial carry deck crane that has been re-engineered to improve maintenance and reduce operator cost.

The RT-400-B is a 25-ton rough terrain crane that has been completely redesigned from its predecessor, the IC400-B. And the ICe-80 is a game-changer for the industry.

This 9-ton, all-electric carry deck crane is Broderson’s first foray into electric cranes and it represents a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to sustainability.

With zero emissions and improved energy efficiency, the ICe-80 is good for the environment and the bottom line.

The AC65E-155S is the latest addition to ALTEC‘s equipment lineup. The machine is a dual-rated solution and offers class-leading lifting capacity as well as industry-first personnel platform capabilities.

Link-Belt cranes

Link-Belt will roll out the all-new 300|AT, which features a 46 to 238-foot seven-section latching boom.

Attachment options include a 42 to 71-foot two-piece hydraulic offset fly, a 9.5-foot heavy lift jib and two 25-foot lattice fly extensions providing a maximum tip height of 369 feet.

With 162,000 pounds of maximum counterweight, the 300|AT has 29,392 pounds of maximum winch line pull. It has a 384 foot per minute maximum line speed.

The crane features a single engine platform utilizing a Cummins X15 diesel carrier engine that is EPA on-highway/CARB On-Road Compliant.

The unit features 130,000 pounds of maximum lifting capacity with 155 feet of main boom length and can reach a platform working height of 215 feet when configured as an aerial device.

The Altec AC65E-155S is the only machine in its class under 40 feet in length.

A two-stage hydraulic articulating jib brings boom truck operators features that are typically reserved for larger cranes.

The machine also features a 12,500-pound hydraulically removable counterweight that increases load capacity at high-radius picks and allows for an easy, one-man installation and removal from inside the cab.

Swing-out-and-down style outriggers allow for the machine to be extremely rigid, aiding in operator confidence and providing a solid feel even when at the limits of the load chart.

Compact all terrain cranes

Tadano will reveal its new product line-up at the beginning of ConExpo. American audiences will be impressed by the compact and powerful AC 4.070-2.

With a main boom length of 164 feet, it can lift a good 8 tons at a radius of 32.8 feet, Tadano said.

The Tadano AC 4.070-2 can transport its maximum counterweight of 13.1 tons by itself.

The AC 4.070-2 can transport its maximum counterweight of 13.1 tons by itself while staying within an axle load limit of 13.2 tons, and it can still manage an impressive 4.6 tons when the axle load is reduced to 11 tons instead.

This definitely makes the AC 4.070-2 an extremely versatile taxi crane.

Technical highlights such as the intelligent IC-1 Plus crane control system, the optional IC-1 remote telematics solution, the Flex Base system that makes it possible to extend the crane’s outriggers to any point within their range.

An E-Pack prep package for zero-emission crane operation and the Tadano Surround View camera system also make the Tadano AC 4.070-2 an impressive crane.

Rough terrain cranes

Terex Rough Terrain Cranes will display its new TRT 40US. It expands the Terex RT product line, and follows the launch of the TRT 80US and the TRT 100US.


Liebherr will show its new 140-ton rough-terrain crane, the new LRT 1130-2.1, which offers the highest lifting capacities and the longest telescopic boom of any two-axle rough-terrain crane in the world, Liebherr said. Its telescopic boom is the longest in its class at 197 feet. It consists of the pivot section and six telescopic sections, and is extended and bolted fully automatically with the Liebherr TELEMATIK high-speed telescopic system.

A 35-foot single folding jib or a 35 to 62-foot double folding jib is available for the LRT 1130-2.1.

With an additional 23-foot lattice section as a telescopic extension, the new crane reaches hook heights of up to 279 feet. The folding jib is carried on the right-hand side of the boom.

At the same time, a 9-foot 6-inch assembly jib can be attached to the left-hand side of the boom.

Featuring the Terex Operating System (TEOS) that improves safety, usability, efficiency of navigation, operation and information flow, the TRT cranes also boast compact dimensions, proportional telescopic boom, full power, LED lights and come equipped for T-Link telematics, Terex said.

Terex T-Link telematics comes as standard on the TRT 40US.

The TRT 40US is a 40-ton rough terrain crane with a synchronized, four-section boom that gives the operator the best lifting performance, regardless of the boom length.

With a machine width of only 8.2 feet, the crane can be easily maneuvered on congested jobsites.

Maneuverability is also enhanced by having four steering options.

The TRT 40US is equipped with a Cummins 4-cylinder engine, bringing high power and optimized consumption, thanks also to the Eco Mode function.

The TRT 40US is compatible with Cummins QSB4.5 Stage IIIA - Tier 3, and Cummins QSB4.5 Stage 5 - Tier 4F to meet regional needs.

Indoor machinery

The Ormig 15iE crane is fully radio-controlled and compact in dimensions. The capacity of the crane is 15 tons, and the machine was conceived and designed to operate indoors and in confined spaces.

The Ormig 15iE is the smallest electric crane of the company’s indoor range.

The crane’s width is 1.84 meters and the height is 1.90 meters. The crane is easy to transport and without the counterweights weighs 13 tons.

The Ormig 15iE has four ground support points in order to ensure lateral stability.

The Ormig 15iE, like the other Ormig cranes in the indoor range, also steers on itself thanks to an innovative rear axle system, specially designed to facilitate operation indoors and in particularly confined spaces.

Hydraulic-powered models

Comansa will show for the first time in North America the LCH300, its first hydraulic model, with a maximum load capacity of 16 metric tons and a reach of 60 meters.

The LCH300/16-ton is available in various versions: embedded, supported on bases of 6 or 8 meters or movable.

Comansa’s LCH300 tower crane

The crane can be assembled with 2.5 by 2.5 meter tower sections. Its modular jib has a reach of 25 to 60 meters, with configurations every 5 meters.

It has a minimum working radius of 4 meters and a minimum radius of 9 meters when out of service.

This new luffing jib crane from Comansa incorporates the award-winning CUBE Cab (L or XL) with Split type air conditioning.

The cabin platform, like the lifting and hydraulic unit platforms, can be transported in a single piece.

Energy saving cranes
JASO will show its J1920.DC derrick crane

Jaso will show its derrick crane, the Jaso J1920.DC. Jaso will also show the J780PA.60, a tailor made crane that was fully developed by the Jaso engineering team.

It features an optional fly job and the Smartlink 4.0 system. It also features the ECO Mode system for energy saving.

The Jaso J780PA.60 includes the latest technologies and a JL25 hoist to give operators easy access to the tower.

The company will also discuss its new tower crane models, the J235.12 Flat top and J390 low top.

The company will also launch and present a North American Jaso catalog that is specific to the U.S. and Canadian market.

Heavy load transportation equipment

Trail King will be showing off a monster 170 hydraulic detachable trailer. Designed for multiple load configurations, this trailer is what heavy haul is all about, the company said.

Goldhofer’s TZ-VL double drop trailer.

Goldhofer’s STZ-VL double drop semitrailers are designed for fast and easy front-end loading and, in spite of their low deadweight, will reliably handle very high payloads.

An additional pin-on flip axle brings greater flexibility and payload as well as the adaptability to operate across state lines with differences in heavy haul regulations.

Nelson Manufacturing Company will unveil its all new BLXLT line of boom launch trailers. This new, completely reimagined boom launch trailer weighs in at a whopping 8,000 pounds less than standard BL models.

Nelson’s new BLXLT line of boom launch trailers was designed with less weight and will allow for heavier booms to be launched.

This new design will allow for heavier booms to be launched on standard tri-axle and quad axle configurations.

The BLXLT will eliminate the need for booster axles and front jeeps in certain applications. The moveable rear saddle allows for greater adjustments in axle weight distribution to meet regional requirements.

Altec’s new telescopic swing seat crane, the AC65E-155S, was designed with top-of-class hydraulic planetary hoisting equipment, including a high-capacity Braden PD 15B planetary hoist with 2-speed piston motor and 15,000-pound rated line pull, which will be demonstrated at the Altec stand.

A winch drum rotation indicator, rotation resistant wire rope and winch control and boom telescope control at the load hook stow point are standard on the Altec AC65E.

Independent control of swing, extend and down jack functions are enabled by four-position swing-out-and-down outriggers.

Operator defined audible alarm set-points can be added for boom angle and length, as well as rotational position.

It is available with a tray-style, 12,500-pound hydraulically removable counterweight; dual 15,000 pound 2-speed auxiliary winches from BRADEN and multiple configurations to suit a range of mounting options and travel considerations.


Bigfoot will launch its new product line, “American Armor” steel crane mats. American Armor is JDS: Just Domestic Steel. Made of high-grade American steel, engineer certified and built in standard or custom sizes, “American Armor” is designed to handle cranes from 200 to 500 tons.

Every “American Armor” steel crane mat comes with lifetime customer support, a 20-year warranty, a 20-year internal rust warranty and compliance letter confirmed and stamped by a registered professional engineer.

Bigfoot’s steel crane mats are engineered to meet and exceed AISC Load Resistance Factor Design. All welding is done by American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders and all welds meet the requirements of AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code, an American National Standard.

Steel identification tags are welded to the mats so there is no more guessing the weight, capacity or serial number.

A1A Software will release a variety of stand-alone lift planning tools in the A1A Product Suite, and it will introduce a new version of iCraneTrax.

The lift planning and asset management tools are designed to help people with different roles in the crane supplier’s organization to be functional at various levels with as little or as much complexity as the role requires.

3D Lift Plan is the foundation of the company’s new lift planning A1A Product Suite.

3D Lift Plan is the foundation of the company’s new lift planning A1A Product Suite.

The industry’s best-known software for creating bids, critical lifts, rigging documentation, lift simulations and more, is made even more powerful with the addition of stand-alone tools that can be used by themselves or in combination with 3D Lift Plan.

All information from A1A Product Suite apps create digital records that can be imported into the full version of 3D Lift Plan.

In addition, the newest version of iCraneTrax features improved admin interfaces, greater drag and drop functionality, better integration with accounting programs and more.

iCraneTrax helps companies best utilize its human and equipment assets to maximize profits.

Designed for owners of heavy equipment fleets in mind, with it crane rental companies can manage customer relationships, create sales forecasting, stay on top of dispatch, fleet allocation and maintenance and produce job reports.

Construction technology and software
HoistCam now features HD.

CM Labs Simulations announce new training solutions designed for the construction, infrastructure and utility markets.

The new Training Packs address critical workforce and productivity issues.

Its physics-based Smart Training technology and advanced reporting insights from its Instructor Operation Station (IOS) will future-proof training programs and recruitment needs, the company said.

These insights are possible due to the accuracy of CM Labs’ exclusive Smart Training Technology embedded in its simulators.

Comprised of proprietary and patented algorithms, Smart Training technology results in training based on real data and real machines, delivering the most transferable operator skills anywhere, outside the real equipment.

Hoistcam by Netarus is a high-definition camera system designed specifically for construction/industrial applications where operators are working in the blind.

The camera is mounted on a hoist, crane or piece of equipment and allows operators to see a live real time feed of the load and surrounding area from the cab that they would not normally see.

Exclusive: Kobelco cranes

Kobelco will launch a full line up of cranes with new Isuzu engines and will show three cranes in Las Vegas: the CK1600G-3, CK2000G-3 and the CK 2750G-3.

The CK1600G-3, which ACT saw exclusively in Houston in January, features the Isuzu Model 6UZ1 engine.

It is a 6-cylinder, turbocharged, Tier 4 final engine that provides 362 horsepower. The CK1600G-3 maintains a maximum lift capacity of 160 tons at 15-feet radius and has a favorable load-chart when sizing up to its competitors.

The CK1600G-3 maintains a maximum boom length of 250 feet, and a maximum boom plus fixed jib capability of 200 feet plus 100 feet.

A luffing jib is also available with a maximum reach combination of 157 feet plus 175 feet. All of the boom and jib components are interchangeable with the previous model.

The newest features of HoistCam is its high-definition (HD) capability. HoistCam said the camera can do what no other purpose-built operator aid camera can do in the industry: transmit a high-resolution video in 1080P with HDMI output, point-to-point in near real-time, encrypted, frequency hopping signal for deployment anywhere in the world.

RaycoWylie’s new platform is available with remote connectivity compatible with laptops, tablets and cell phones.

The camera system also includes advanced features such as low light/night vision, and pan, tilt and zoom capabilities on selected models.

RaycoWylie will be unveiling its new product line, the i5000, which allows advanced integration and superior quality, RaycoWylie said.

This system makes single-function interfaces a thing of the past.

The new application allows monitoring and controlling a complete array of options such as camera views, engine data, greasing systems, radars, wireless and CANbus sensors and TPMS.

Their technology platform is designed around a high-performance control unit that allows the use of multiple-sized, high intensity touch screen displays.

WIKA Mobile Control

WIKA Mobile Control will introduce the new CTL-S700 series of safety controllers.

These controllers offer many interfaces and I/Os for safety-relevant machine control tasks and can be used in safety-critical applications.

Available in four different configurations, the CTL-S700 series offers up to 64 inputs and 56 outputs providing versatility for a variety of applications.

These controllers feature CODESYS 3.5 SIL 2 programming and a data logger that collects all relevant operating data. Multiple CANopen safety and Ethernet interfaces are also available.

Controllers from the CTL-S700 series are equipped with a 300 MHz Aurix TC299TX processor, up to 64 MB flash, 2.7 MB SRAM and 32 kB FRAM.

With an IP66/67 protection rating, a robust cast aluminum housing and high shock and vibration resistance, these controllers are designed for use in harsh environments making them a perfect fit for mobile cranes and other equipment.

Dica pads

Complementing the DICA’s product line of FiberMax crane pads will be the next generation of engineered crane pad.

The new crane pad meets demand for durable, long-lasting support at a lower price.

Following the company’s announcement in November of the acquisition of SlatTrax Ground Protection and Temporary Access Road products, DICA will introduce additional products in its ground protection and cribbing product lines.

In addition, DICA will debut its new Cross Lock outrigger pad system, which is designed for the challenges concrete pump operators face daily. The small outrigger floats on concrete pumpers create highly concentrated pressures that can easily lead to accidents. The new system utilizes a multi-pad set up and is engineered to structurally distribute the high-pressure loads over a much larger area.


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